Djupa tankar

Idag har det varit lite bloggtorka. Men jag har haft en såndär "funderar dag". 

Dör jag reflekterar över hur bra jag mår. Hur jag gillar mitt nya liv. Hur jag lever min vardag, och allt annat där i mellan. 

Jag låter dessa tre bilder tala för mig och mina tankar idag:


Against bullying!

The girl you called fat – She´s already starving herself
That woman you made fun of for being bald – She´s fighting cancer
That boy you made fun of for crying – His mother is dying
That “gay boy” you punched in the hall today – he just committed suicide a few minutes ago
The man you called poor – He works every night to feed his family

That pregnant girl you called a slut – She´s a victim of rape

The old man you made fun of for having ugly scars – He fought for our country

That boy you pushed down the stairs – He´s already being abused at home

The girl you screaming to "you're not good enough" - She can already hear it every day when she comes home to her husband
You think you know them?
Are you sure that you also know their background history?